Leah and I saw this article on Ebay Daily Deals and were talking about how much money it would take for us to give up certain things on the Morning Show, and it got me thinking. How much would it really take for me to give up some of these things. I am asking Leah without telling her what I choose. Here is our small list of prices!

-Coffee-The average person would need about $55,000 to give up coffee for a year, but for me that number is not close to big enough. Anyone that has heard me before I get some coffee in me will agree.  Aj needs his coffee.  My cost=$2,000,000 ---Leah cost=$500,000---'she is cheap'

-Give up your Smartphone for a year-This would have to be a huge number for me also, because I do so much work on my phone. I am not sure if I could do my job right without it, so I would say...Aj cost=$1,000,000  --Leah cost=$1,000,000 (interesting we are the same)

-No Shaving for  Year-This seems like a good idea until you have to deal with the Grizzly Adams beard. Although It would same some time getting ready, it would take more time to clean it. I think even with all these things, Leah has the worse option. Aj cost=$500,000  Leah cost=$100,000,000 (wow, she loves to shave)

-No shower for a year- a.k.a.' the Brad Pitt'-This would be much harder on Leah, then myself I think. Just because she would have to deal with my stink over 5 hours every day! It would also probably cause sever acne among other things. Aj cost =$10,000,000  Leah cost for herself=$100,000,000  but she only wants $50,000,00 to put up with my stink.

-Eat a Cockroach-Self explanatory--I would probably eat one Cockroach for around $1,000,000 but Leah would take $5,000,00 to eat one

How much would these take for you to do?