They've Got Clyde, But Where's Bonnie?
Alcohol kidnappings have been on the rise. Parents with young liquor, be sure to lock your doors.
Just after a group of kids was seen leaving a store with White Claw under their shirts, Kennewick Police say these two characters stole some alcohol from Wal-Mart...
$2,500 Reward If You Can Help OSP Find Eagle's Killer
Oregon State Police need help finding the person who killed this bald eagle. The protected bird was found on Thursday morning facedown in the water. The bird was probably killed one or two days prior to its discovery. Killing one of these majestic creatures could net the guilty party up to one year …
CREEPER ALERT: Young Girl Finds Man Watching Her Sleep
If this happened to me, I'd probably swear off of horror movies for a while! This is the ultimate act of "creepiness!" An 11-year-old girl woke up to find a stranger watching her sleep! She was able to successfully fight off the creeper, but he got away...
61 Horses Seized from Oregon Owner
DeLeonardo Training Center in Creswell, Oregon was the site of a mass-scale seizure of horses. 61 horses were taken from the property by Lane County Sheriff's deputies.

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