HOT Temperatures on the Way!
We just took a break from the heat and now, Mother Nature is going to get us again.  Hotter temperatures are expected this weekend into next week.
Bring on the popsicles, take a dip in the pool, if you have one.  Maybe a boat ride?  If so, be safe and make sure you have a life jacket..…
Mosier Creek Fire Burning, Threatening Homes
The Mosier Creek Fire continues to burn, threatening hundreds of homes in the Columbia River Gorge.  Oregon Governor Kate Brown has declared the fire a Conflagration.
The Oregon State Fire Marshall has mobilized more firefighters and equipment to battle the human-caused fire and was 5% cont…
Fairchild Cinemas Offering Free Popcorn
There's nothing better than movie theatre popcorn.  Oh.  Wait.  Is there?  How about FREE movie theatre popcorn.
Fairchild Cinemas Queensgate is offering the free popcorn from 4 pm-7 pm this Friday & Saturday at the theatre, 2871 Duportail Street in Richland.

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