When I first heard the rumors for the reason that Russell Wilson and his wife were getting a divorce, I did not believe it. There was a source saying Golden Tate, Russell's best friend on the team, had slept with his wife. I came out right away saying that there was no way that could be true and dismissed it.

I honestly had not thought about the rumor again until I saw it come up on twitter a couple days ago, and then I watched the press conference with the President today. If you did't know that Golden had been traded to the Lions or that he was one of Wilson's supposed best friends, you might have thought everything was normal. This is what I noticed:

When you haven't seen your best friend in a while, you'd be hanging out and taking pictures together and catching up. There are no pictures of Wilson and Golden together anywhere. They even stood ways apart from one another,  Not only that it was painfully obvious that Wilson and the rest of the team were ignoring him, he had a stone face on the whole time.

If you take the rumors, with the fact that Wilson threw the ball to Tate hardly at all in the Superbowl, the fact he was traded quickly after the season, and then the way they all looked on stage, I am starting to believe the rumors are possible.

If they are true, it is a sad story, a sad story in deed.