Does anyone remember me writing a blog about where to find one of the best lunch specials in town? The place is called 'The Rail Expresso and Deli' -- it's right off of Kennewick Ave. They serve one of the best pulled-pork sandwiches in Tri-Cities, no joke! So Christina, who works at The Rail, shared on our Facebook wall earlier today that she would like to see a challenge between Aj and I...

The challenge is who can eat the Derailer. What comes in the Derailer?

  • 1 lb total of 2 sides
  • 32 oz drink
  • Mega scoop ice cream
  • 1 lb brisket
  • 1 lb pulled pork
  • Half rack ribs
  • Ciabatta bun

The challenge is to eat it all in 45 mins or less and keep it down for 2. Only 1 guy has completed it and 4 have failed. I don't think I stand a chance!  Maybe I should NOT attempt this after all!