This week has been hot, so hot in fact that women that I work with are just taking off clothes and leaving them behind. I saw these shorts laying outside our studio yesterday and I wondered how that happens. It has been unusually hot and our AC was broken but that is still strange. It might not be so weird if it was the only pair of shorts I found laying around that day, but there was another.

After I saw the first pair of shorts, I went out to the Escalade to make sure I had everything loaded for our 710 remote at Headies. When I was loading up, I noticed another pair of shorts and some sun glasses on the floor near the front seat. It was funny how similar the shorts where and because of the similarity, you might have thought they were owned by the same person. Nope, they turned out to be the shorts of two different women that I work with.

Moral of the story--Over these next few weeks, watch out for sun crazed women running around without their Daisy Duke shorts on!