Marshall Bruce Mathers III a.k.a. Eminem (since the early 1990s) has had an amazing career. Sharing his life in the movie "8 mile" and in all his lyrics, he allows a more intimate connection to his audience than maybe any other artist. Living in Missouri and Detroit, Eminem had an unbalanced childhood and dropped out of High School in the 9th grade. Rapping became his passion and the best way to describe what he was feeling.
We're promoting a contest this month to win a trip to New Jersey to see Eminem live in concert with Rihanna. To celebrate here are the 10 most popular Eminem music videos:

By: Kevin Winter
  • 1

    Lose Yourself

  • 2


  • 3

    The Way I Am

  • 4

    Guilty Conscious

  • 5

    Role Model

  • 6

    Rock Bottom

  • 7

    “Till I Collapse” ft. Nate Dogg

  • 8

    Sing For The Moment

  • 9

    The Real Slim Shady

  • 10