I am a very new soccer fan. My first experience with soccer was playing one season when I was around 7 years old. I never really under stood it then, and kind of ignored it until this years World Cup. Now that I have watched almost a whole world cup tournament, I do have one thing I think needs to be changed about soccer, penalty kicks.

Most of my life, my knowledge of soccer was basically that there was a net and you scored points by kicking a ball into it. I think my love for American football probably had something to do with that, but now I see why the rest of the world loves soccer. Penalty kicks however make no sense to me. Why would you decide such a hard fought game that is so difficult to score and decide it by chance. I say 'by chance' because if you watch the goalie during penalty kicks, he moves before they kick the ball. There is not enough time to react so the goalie is guessing which way the ball is going to go, and that is chance. Don't worry for I have a much better solution, and it is simple.

Instead of going to penalty kicks after 3 periods, I think they should just pull the goalies and the first team that scores wins. Each team can have defenders that guard the goal but they can not use their hands. They have to abide by normal rules of play until someone scores.

That and they really have to do something about the flopping, but mostly the penalty kicks.