Whether you are young or old, being single in Tri-Cities can be rough. You want to hang around people your age, but where do you find them? First lets split this into ages, for the young lets make the window from 21-35 and the old at 35+. These are the top locations for each age group that I think would be the best for singles.

YOUNG-This is the easiest group as far as locations but your problem might be seeing the same people every night. There is not a huge population in Tri-Cities in this age group so if you have been in the single scene awhile, I would suggest trying something new. On a Saturday night, Lady Leah broadcasts live from the Grizzly Bar in Pasco and that place is jumping now. They have great drink specials and no cover which is rare on a Saturday night. Also, the Town Crier in the Uptown is packed and so is Jokers if you are looking for Salsa dancing.

OLDER-For you, it is more about timing then location. If you want to maximize your chances you have to think much earlier then the younger group. Think 'Happy Hour' times. The Pub in Kennewick is always a great place during happy hour. Another place that I keep hearing about is Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar. They are one of the nicest restaurants in town and have great deals on martini. If I was an older single male, this is where I would go because it is filled with successful women. Although a lot are married so choose wisely!

The key for both groups when you do go out is to seek people out and to socialize. Do not sit in a corner and expect people to walk up to you. Make a goal of talking to 20 people you would be interested in a week and you will be surprised with what you might find.