With suicide rates rising in the U.S., August Alsina tackles the taboo topic in the video for 'FML,' featured on his debut LP, 'Testimony.'

Teaming up with director Payne Lindsey -- he's helmed August's videos for 'Hell On Earth' and 'Don't Forget About Me' -- the R&B singer not only serves as co-director but also puts himself in one of the more graphic situations in the visual. The Def Jam signee hangs himself in the middle of the living room. However, he's not alone in the suicide. Pusha T, who opens up the track, watches himself being wheeled away in a stretcher only to realize he shot himself in the head.

Although this might not be the easiest video to watch, August makes the message clear: the answer for many people who can't deal with their trouble is to end it all.

At the end of the clip, the crooner leaves the viewer with some parting words:

I've been where you are... through the struggle and through the pain. It's what makes us stronger than most. When there seems to be no way forward in life, you have to make a way.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number appears on screen before the video comes to a close.

Since the video premiered earlier today, fans have shared their thoughts about New Orleans native's suicide-centered video.

Read some of the Twitter messages below.