You may not have heard of Mystique. She is a makeup specialist that has quite a following on YouTube and my daughter is kind of addicted to watching her videos. I am not sure how we saw the first video but now she asks to watch them almost every day.

Mystique's real name is Promise Phan and is the sister in law of another YouTube makeup star named Michelle Phan. Honestly these two women rule the internet makeup world with almost 10 million subscribers between the two of them. The videos my daughter loves are about costume makeup and how to do different types of tricks to achieve a certain look. Honestly the things that she can do with makeup is truly amazing. It's not just costume ideas but a full feature site with advice from beauty tips to gift ideas. If you love Halloween and are always making costumes or you suck at your own makeup, you need to check out her YouTube channel.

Here are a couple videos my daughter loves.