If you weren't watching The Walking Dead last night chances are you caught the American Music Awards. One Direction, Demi Lovato, The Weeknd and more graced the Red Carpet in stunning fashion as per usual for an award show, which has (as usual) got the 'fashion police' shows in a frenzy. I was feeling a little bit, been there done that, but as I was flipping through photos of the stars I noticed some interesting hair trends. Did you notice too?

Trend #1: Mega Man Hair

The dudes were out hair-ing the ladies last night with epic lengths, styles, and colors!

Trend #2: The Top Bun

I feel like all of the LA stylists got together and decided to go on strike. A top bun? Really? Is this a thing, or were the hairdressers just crazy lazy for this night?

Trend #3: Lovely Long Lengthy Locks

I'm actually down for this trend the most. Simple and sleek long hair. I wonder who had extensions and who had their own hair? Either way, I think this look ruled!