You can hear the song now, "It's like rain on your wedding day..." Well, no matter how well you plan your wedding, sometimes the weather has other plans. I was in Portland at The McMenamins Edgefield on a mini-vacation, when I came across Kelsey and Ryan. All day long they were taking photos around the grounds getting ready for their wedding. The bummer thing was that it was pouring rain all day. ALL DAY. I first saw them in the morning and they were in great spirits, and as the day went on there were more sightings.

 I thought that as the day went on their happy hearts would be brought down by the terrible weather. I was, however, very pleasantly surprised. I caught a glimpse of them signing their license, smiling, running from building to building, smiling. Drinking with their also very damp friends, smiling!

So finally, towards the end of the night, I had to talk to them. I introduced myself and asked them about their day, and how the kept their spirits so high in spite of the rain.


Kelsey and Ryan were engaged for only 9 months before their big day. They had a Pi Day themed wedding where instead of cake they served pie: razzleberry-peach, banana and chocolate cream, peanut butter and more!

They said they fell in love almost right away and they didn't care about the rain because the celebration of their love and the start of their life together couldn't be ruined in any way, unless it didn't happen. They were grateful to have their friends and family celebrate their love, and actually thought the rain was kind of cool, and made their day even more special.

 I was so touched by their infectious humor, spirits, and love that I had to share their story. Just a sweet reminder to celebrate the good things in life, even when the little things threaten to ruin them.