20 years ago on July 26, Cher and Dion first burst, plaid-clad, into screens across the nation. They didn't know it at the time, but the cast and crew had not only a hit on their hands, but a classic! To this day teens watch, and regularly quote, 'Clueless'. What's with the appeal? How does a movie become a classic? I think it could down to behind the flashy clothes, witty dialog, and sincere acting, there are lessons to be learned that resonate not with just one generation of teens, but many. While some of these are silly, some are down right essential. You may agree or say "Whatever" but you have to admit, Cher and Dion are total Betties and we love em!

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    The Importance of Having a Best Friend

    Sure Cher had a tons of friends and acquaintances, but she had one true blue bestie in Dion. Sure they were friends because they both know what it's like to have people to be jealous of them, but that matters not. They have a ton in common, share each others passions, they support each others schemes and though they sometimes disagree, at the end of the day they're inseparable. That's what a best friend really is, and we all need at least one partner in crime just like that!

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    The Importance of Romance

    Even though Cher's reasons for getting Ms Geist and Mr. Hall together was pretty much for her own self-preservation, she teaches is an important lesson. We can have a job, a home, a car, but without romance, things can be pretty dismal. Everyone needs love and not only does Cher teach us that we all need a good healthy "boink-fest" but that love is possible at any age. As Cher puts it, "old people can be so sweet!"

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    The Importance of Education

    Have you ever looked at Cher's report card close up? It's pretty cool, they even put in the comments. Of course, Cher's grades were altered by her "powers of persuasion," but she knows how important school and grades are. She shares her wisdom with all, and has a vocabulary straight from an SAT verbal study guide. Cher goes to a really good school, and is totally proud! The whole school are definitely college bound. Even Travis... after his whole "clarity" thing.

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    The Importance of Exercize

    Though we really don't see much exercise going down in 'Clueless,' we certainly know Cher is all about it. She gives a very serious speech about the lack of quality in her school's physical education program. She mentions having a trainer, and watches what she eats... mostly. Cher is definitely an advocate for exercise. At least, she's convinced us she is. She has really strong powers of persuasion.

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    The Importance of Driving Safety

    Cher can't drive. Dion can't drive. But at least they have guys who are willing to teach them. I'm not sure if as a feminist I'm offended that the women in this film can't drive, or if it's just funny, but the importance of safe driving is all over the film. (Yeah, it's funny) And in the end, it's the one thing Cher can't BS her way through, she actually has to put effort in to something. And if there's one thing that's important for teens, it's driving safe. That, and not wearing the same outfit you saw another girl wearing before you.

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    The Importance of Men's Fashion (and Hygiene)

    Cher's monologue on the guys of her generation was spot on. MEN! We want you at least to take an effort on what you wear, but most important, hygiene! Shower, shave or trim, put on clothes that fit and you're WAY ahead of the game. Sure not every guy will end up looking like Ryan Gosling or George Clooney, but at least you'll be clean and look your best. If you want to attract the ladies, these are the basics. Otherwise, we'll be pushing you away saying, "As if!!"

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    The Importance a Great Relationship

    Cher has attitude about high school boys, but Dion loves her man, Murray. In spite of the fact that they're arguing most of the movie, Cher points out it's mostly for show. When they don't have a crowd, Di and Murray have a very sweet relationship. Through their public spats and scenes at parties, they care about each other very much. And once you get off the LA Freeway alive with someone, you know how important love is!

  • 8

    The Importance of Billie Holiday

    In case you were like Cher, and didn't know who Billie Holiday is, this movie made sure you did. Christian's love of an earlier time made some of us brush up on our 1920's jazz. So bravo for Christian for helping a new generation fall in love with the sultry, bold, passionate, and classic sounds of Billie Holiday. (Billie is a woman, not a guy as Cher thought. Just in case you hadn't looked her up yet.)

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    The Importance of Entertaining for a Crush

    Lighting plan? Check! Perfect outfit? Check? Something baking? CHECK! Se now the scene is set and the guy you're trying to get closer to won't be able to resist. Unless, he's gay. But if not, you've now set the perfect trap, uh, I mean, scene to seduce your man. Just make sure if you ARE baking, to make sure it doesn't burn. Happy dating! May you never step into bad lighting.


  • 10

    The Importance of the Guy Bestie

    Guys and girls CAN be friends. And yes, Christian is gay, but a girl needs a good guy friend in her life. Whether gay or straight, we galls need a man in our lives who can be objective and give as that male point of view. Plus, sometimes you just need a shopping bestie and a guy is fun to have along! So, hang on to your guy bestie as long as you can. Before someone else snags him!