If you're struggling with getting in shape you may need some extra help. May I recommend an app? Here are 10 you should download:

  • My fitness pal: One of the most well-known calorie counter and fitness tracker apps. It works with other fitness apps to upload your workout instead of manually adding in information. Studies have shown that tracking your food intake is a major benefit in losing weight and this app has an easy way for you to keep track of it all.- free
  • Ask MD: Enter your symptoms and answer questions about yourself to find out options of what you might be diagnosed with. You’ll receive a quick answer saving you time and energy.- free
  • Fitbit: This app has it all including water, food, weight and sleep trackers along with the normal activity tracking from the fit bit device. You can use this app without a fit bit device but it works better with one.- free
  • Runkeeper: Track any physical activity no matter what your skill level. Tracks your speed, time, calories burned, and more. Allows you to create your own workout or follow a trainer. This is a well-rounded app for anyone wanting to track their fitness activities and goals.- free
  • RealiFit: This app includes over 45 workouts to choose from with 35 exercises in 3D from qualified trainers. It also tells you when and where you should feel the move working so you know you are actually doing it right.- free
  • Cody- The simplicity of this app is the best. It includes a fitness community to learn and interact with others, an exercise journal and workout timeline to keep track of everything you’ve accomplished.- free
  • Weilos: This is a motivational app for those who especially love to take selfies. You can share all your weight loss goals with before and after pictures and keep others on their path to success along the way.- free
  • Carrot Fit - If you are the sarcastic type who enjoys being drilled as you work out this one is for you. This app includes a lot of pizazz to help you get through any type of workout. This weight- tracking app includes seven minute workouts with fitness tips, but only as you lose weight will you receive these tips.-$2.99
  • Sleep Cycle Having trouble sleeping? Try tracking your sleep cycles with this app. You'll wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep cycle so you feel more rested and better about waking up. You'll understand your sleeping habits better and feel more rejuvenated.- $1.99
  • Yoga Studio – New to yoga or practically pro, this app has moves for everybody, with 24 hours of moves to keep you calm and collected. You can either create your own workout by choosing your own moves to compile into a workout or complete their already compiled workouts.