A one year old shepard-mix dog named Toby was shot on Friday at his foster home in Badger Canyon! This story really breaks my heart because the people investigating this CRIME say it was done on purpose to this poor pup. Here's what we know and how you can help!

From GoFundMe

on Friday, April 22 one of our beloved foster dogs Toby (a one year old German Shepherd) was shot in the chest sometime between the time the dog sitter left and his foster mom got home.

We do not know by whom or why, he was on his foster families property when it happened.. He was in a fenced-in yard for a maximum of 3 hours with the foster's personal dogs. The foster's personal dogs we uninjured. The sheriff's office is investigating. This was no accident - he was shot at close range with the intent to kill him. Luckily Toby had angels watching over him.

He was first taken to Vista Vet for preliminary x-rays and later moved to Mid Columbia Pet Emergency Services. He is still bleeding into his chest cavity, the bullet narrowly missed his heart. He has had a chest tap to relieve some pressure and ease his labored breathing. His blood count keeps dropping which tells us the bleeding has not stopped on its own as we had prayed. We are now left with the final option of transferring him to WSU Veterinary.

If you have any info contact the Benton County Sheriff's office. If you want to help you can donate directly to the GoFundMe page or contact Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue!