Spike Strips Terminate 30-Minute Chase Through Benton County
Benton County Sheriff Deputies helped terminate a lengthy chase involving Prosser Police Sunday night. They finally subdued the stubborn driver who refused to pull over.
Prosser police tried to pull over the 41-year-old driver (whose name was not released) as he had some outstanding arrest warrants..…
Laundromat Thief Tries to Clean Out Cashbox, Register
Pasco Police are searching for this suspect, who decided he was going to do more than laundry early Tuesday morning.
The man entered the Sage N' Sand Laundry Land at 1719 West Lewis around 6:30am. After looking around and seeing no one else was there (it opens rather early) he proceeded to kick …
Keep Using Caution at Pump for Card Skimmers, They Strike Again
Kennewick Police and other Tri-City law enforcement agencies caution people to continue to be careful when using debit or credit cards at ATMs and gas pumps.
According to police, a group of thieves made a sweep through Western WA over the weekend, scamming thousands from dozens (if not hundreds) of v…

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