The Safe-Wise Report is out and ranks the safest cities in each state. To determine each city's safety, they reviewed the most recent FBI Crime Report stats from 2014, along with population data. In Washington, the top 20 include Pullman, Connell, and the #1 safest city, Dupont. None of the Tri-Cities were in the top 20, but we weren't too far behind. Which one was the safest? Pasco! Pasco came in at 33 with Richland close at 35. (Kennewick came in at 71.) Technically, West Richland is the safest at 23, but am I the only one who doesn't count W. Richland as a "Tri-City"? HAHA! Well, regardless of which of our fair cities you live or hang out in, we are in one of the safest parts of the state! Way to represent, Eastern WA!!