Like many West Coast rappers before them, Tyga and Game are no stranger to beefs. Tyga is currently at war with Chicago rapper Lil Durk, while Game has been embroiled in a long-standing feud with 40 Glocc, which has escalated numerous times over the last few years. Now, the Left Coast duo have teamed up on wax to air out their enemies.

T-Raww takes the lead on 'ChiRaq to LA,' which borrows Nicki Minaj's 'Chi-Raq' instrumental, and wastes no time in responding to Lil Durk's disses on Meek Mill's 'ChiRaq' remix. "Who the f--- is Lil Durk? I dust you like ash and purp / Your flow wack, my flow crack / Got marble floors, your floor's cracked," he raps.

Game backs up his Cali cohort and also takes aim at Durk: "Tyga hit me like Durk dissing, Dirk Nowitzki? Durk who n----?" 40 Glocc remains firmly in the Compton rapper's iron sight, though, as he spits, "Talked about my kids on Instagram / N---- must want to get his ass socked again / Telling lies like I pulled down the glock on him."

Jayceon also warns that it's "green light" if he ever runs into 40 Glocc, which wouldn't be the first time the rappers have come face to face. In 2012, Game filmed himself pummeling 40 Glocc on the street. The beef was reignited last month when 40 Glocc insulted Game, his girl and his children on Instagram. Glocc claimed his account was hacked, though.

As for the tension between Tyga and Lil Durk, the Chicago rapper told XXL in a recent interview that Tyga was unhappy with him name-dropping his girlfriend Blac Chyna in an upcoming song with Chris Brown and French Montana. Durk agreed to give Tyga a shout out on the song and the pair subsequently agreed to work together.

However, Tyga apparently stopped responding to Durk's texts, which prompted the Chicago rookie to open fire on Meek Mill's 'Chi-Raq' remix. "Heard Tyga sneak dissing on me, tell them THOT bitches I’m not right / Tyga only got one name but that n---- ain’t got one stripe / He backpack, so easy to get the n----'s s--- snatched," he warned.

Lil Durk has already said he won't be recording another diss track, but you can listen to Tyga and Game's five-minute tirade below.

Listen to Tyga & Game's 'ChiRaq to LA'