Growing up in the northwest I have seen a few 4th of July fireworks celebrations, and honestly if I was going to say the best would have to be a tie.

When I was a kid, I grew up in Spokane and we used to drive out to Coeur d'alene lake and watch the fireworks. They were always the biggest show, the kind of firworks that take up the whole sky and it takes 3 or 4 seconds for the sound to reach you because they are so far away. The shows on the lake were also about twice as long as other show I have seen. There are so many people that the way back takes about 5 times longer to drive back to Spokane.

The next big 4th of July fireworks show that I've seen is the show in Seattle. Not only are the fireworks great, but everyone is partying on the river and it is a blast if you are into that. I was always hanging with my friends that have a house right on the water near Gasworks Park and we got a little crazy.

So there ya go, the fireworks are better in coeur d'alene but the party is better in Seattle!