HAPO Community Credit Union and the new Hot 97.5 invite you to the  29th Annual River of Fire Festival in Columbia Park of the Fourth of July. River of Fire Festival is not only the largest Fireworks show in the Mid Columbia it much More!

Last year you had all kinds of reasons why you went somewhere else. This year, I made a list of reasons why you have to go to the River of Fire.


  • 1

    You Almost Blew Your Hand Off Last Year

    You are not smart when it comes to fireworks and last year you almost lost a hand. Do you really want to chance it again this year? You might be learning to write with the other hand.

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  • 2

    You Burn Everything You BBQ

    There will be lots of great food at the park for a great price. You burn water when you are trying to bring it to boil. Why chance a hungry family on the 4th, just come down to the park!

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  • 3

    Remember Lighting That Whole Box of Fireworks on Fire?

    I am sure you, or someone you know, lite the whole box of fire works at once by accident a couple years ago. You never fessed up but we all know it was you. Leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals and come down to the park for the best show in the Mid Columbia.

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  • 4

    Thousand of People Are More Fun Then a Few

    A party by yourself is not a party. There will be thousands of people down at Columbia Park celebrating the 4th and that will be a thousand times more fun then sitting on the porch with aunt Betty.

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  • 5

    Live Music is Better Then Your Boom Box

    I know you love your old 80's boom box that you bring into the back yard for BBQ's, but not for the 4th. Great live music will be down at the park and only a fool would prefer the boom box.

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