Yesterday, the 17th, Apple released the iOS 8 update for iPhones and it has a few cool features I wanted to tell you about. There are a ton of new little features but a few big ones that you gotta try.

The first thing I tried was the ability to make a 'Time Lapse' video. If you go to your iphone camera it is the option all the way to the left. If you film a video it automatically speeds it up so you don't have to later. I'll probably use this feature wanking into the Clink for the next Hawks game.

The next cool thing is they integrated Siri with Shazam allowing your phone to identify any song that you hear. Just ask Siri what song it is and she will tell you with links to buy the song if you want it.

Also, now when you are using 'voice to text', the words shwo up as you are talking. It used to show all the words when you were done talking, not you can make sure it understands you as you go.

If you have ever lost you phone you will love this last feature. Now when you lose your phone, before your battery goes dead your phone will email you with its last location so you hopefully find it.

Remember to update your apps also or they will be crashing on you all day long.