A Seattle man who lost his wallet and discovered someone using his credit card, managed to track the thief down in real-time. The story is the man logged on to see if anyone had used his card and saw the transaction happening live while he was looking. He could tell they were using the card in his own zip code and decided to try and track them down. They were buying food at a taco truck just down the street, so he jumps in his car and tries to find them.

After getting his description from the taco truck lady, he found the guy a few block down the street eating his tacos. He then called the police and they confronted the man who then bolted and tried to get away from the officers. They managed to catch him and found all the mans credit cards and ID eventually on the guy. After the man got his wallet back he went to the taco truck, bought some tacos and gave the lady a huge tip for helping him find the guy that stole his wallet.