The playoff game this weekend between the Seahawks and the Vikings could be one of the coldest games in NFL history. They probably wont break the "ice bowl" record of -13 degrees and -48 with windchill but it could be below zero. It will most likely be the coldest game to ever be played in the Vikings history which is causing people to stay home instead of buying tickets. The prices to get in for a playoff game are historically low and you can go for less the $80 a ticket. Even great front row seats around the 50 yard line are around $200. Estimates make the total trip with hotel, tickets, and airfare for under $500 and that is for a playoff game. Usually tickets would be at least that just to get in the door.

If you are a Hawks fan that can handle sub zero temps and have always wanted to go to a playoff game, now is your chance thanks to the record cold.