The Seattle Seahawks training camp starts this Friday and I can hardly wait! This means the official start of the NFL season and my favorite time of year. Last year I got to go to VMAC for the first time and the experience was amazing. If you are a die hard Seahawks fan, it is something you have to do!

They drive everyone onto the VMAC complex in buses and the process is surprisingly easy. Just, do not be late. The first thing I thought when we drove in last year was how big the building is. They have a full size indoor facility so I knew it was big but it still surprised me.


There are booths to buy stuff but not a lot of food so make sure you bring some or that you eat before hand. It was also really hot so make sure you bring hats, sunscreen and water. If you don't have tickets yet for this year it is too late because they are all sold out but make sure to act fast next year.