"Inside the NFL Films" released footage trying to tell the story of the game between the Seahawks and the Falcons last Sunday at Centurylink, but made an obvious edit to change the reality of what happened on the field. In the actual game footage on the now infamous play, Julio Jones smacks Richard Sherman in the face which should have been called "hands to the face." Instead, "Inside the NFL" makes it look like Jones runs off the line free with no one even guarding him and then inserts the end of the play with the no-call "pass interference" with audio blaming Sherman.

If you look at the original footage at the 1:17 mark, you can clearly see Sherman smacked and spun around by Jones, which allowed him to get open in the first place. Watch how in the "Inside the NFL" footage Jones has no one guarding him because the footage was from a previous play, eliminating the no-call "hands to the face" and changing the landscape of blame on the play.


Then they blame the Seahawks and slant the story toward the Falcons. Bad form "Inside the NFL"... bad form.