I always thought I loved NY style pizza, until I visited New York and actually had NY style pizza! The difference was incredible. As a total West Coast girl, I didn't know what I was missing in the thin crust dripping thin cheese, sauce, more cheese, special herbs, and pepperoni. Until I experienced the joy of folding a fresh and hot over-sized slice of pie and rejoicing at the flavor fest in my mouth, I had no idea that most NY style pizza places were getting it SO wrong!

Photo by Raleigh

When I heard we had a new New York style pizza place and deli opening in the Tri-Cities, I knew I had to try it to see if they really brought that incredible goodness, or if they were just another place who got it close enough. I was VERY excited to discover that Charity and Phil Forzaglia (the owners of Eatz Pizzeria and Deli) are the real deal. Phil is from the Bronx, so the man knows pizza.

Not only was the pizza amazing, the prices were right and the service was awesome. I kind of didn't want to tell people about it because it's such a great hidden gem, but some secrets aren't meant to be kept. Check out the video then check out EATZ. They rock!