I'll be completely honest, I have 6 nephews and 2 nieces, and for some reason I get a kick  out of telling these kids scary stories at back yard camp fires and family get togethers! Cruel? Perhaps, but it's just aunty love ;) I know I couldn't possibly be the only one who shares stories like these with children.  Here's some of my favorite 'scary' stories and lies I've shared with my nephews and nieces that you can share with your kids and nephews/nieces.

1. Toy Story is based on a true story.

I'll never forget the look on my 7yr old nephews face when I broke it down to him that Toy Story is based on a true story. Although I did feel bad afterwards because I may have ruined one of his favorite movies for him. Also I noticed his action figures were put away for a few weeks after that. This definitely topped any scary story I could ever come up with. What's creepier than your favorite toys coming life when you're not looking?! Anyway, he's totally over it now=)

2. If you cross your eyes for too long, they'll stay that way.

I'm not alone on this one. We were all told as kids this would happen. Of course it isn't true, but I had to scare my nephew out of crossing his eyes every time we would walk by someone at the super market. He thought it was hilarious, me, not so much. So I told him the classic 'you're eyes are going to stay like that". Yes he stopped.

3. Vampire Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy once went to get one of Dracula's fangs but Dracula's castle was really dark so she accidentally cut herself with the fang by mistake and ever since then she's been a blood-sucking vampire tooth fairy!

4. There is no such thing as Kangaroos.

Nope, no such thing! Kangaroos are just mice standing very near.

5. Cartoon characters can hear what you say!

One of my nephews was rambling on about how much he disliked Spongebob Squarepants so to get him to stop nagging, I told him that all cartoon characters can hear what he says through the television. Yes, he stopped nagging.