Marshawn Lynch basically stated in an interview in Turkey this weekend that he believed the Seahawks didn't hand the ball to him because they didn't want him to be MVP. In Super Bowl XLIX, the Seahawks lost by throwing and interceltion instead of handing the ball of to Lynch from the one yard line. When this story about the rumor first surfaced the day after the Super Bowl, I thought it was completely crazy.

"I had no problem with the decision of the play calling. I mean, you know, I think it was more of a … how do I say this? When you look at me, and you let me run that ball in, I am the face of the nation. You know, MVP of the Super Bowl, that’s pretty much the face of the nation at that point of time."

Was Marshawn Lynch the source of the original rumor that came out the day after the Super Bowl?

Even though Lynch believes that is the reason, I don't think it was truly the case. However, I am scared for what this means for the team looking forward. Lynch coming out and making this kind of a statement while he is in contract negotiations is saying a lot. Something tells me those negations are not going as well as they are being reported and this outburst is a reflection of that.

Mark my words, if Pete and the team do not figure out how to make Lynch believe and trust them, they could be dealing with a much bigger distraction then Percy Harvin last year.