My name is Aj, and most would be surprised to know that I weighed 260 pounds right before my daughter was born about 7 years ago. Back then, I had 8 people in one week make a big deal of "how fat" I had gotten and I decided to make big changes in my life. Before being in radio I studied Kinesiology at WSU in Pullman and was12 credits away from my Bachelors degree. (Not finishing is another story... I will finish eventually). Anyway, I have the knowledge and I created 4 easy steps or rules that changed my life, and I think they can change yours.

It took almost a year to lose almost 80 pounds but I have kept it off for 6 years with no diets, not working out, and no supplements. I will give YOU these same rules I used for free, and all I ask is that enough people get this message to make it worth it. When this video reaches only 1,000 views, I'll make another video with the rules I used so you can change your life and lose all the weight you want.

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked for you, I think this is the answer.