Let's pretend that a Twitter rivalry escalated into real violence. If Tom Cruise and his fans + Church of Scientology attacked Justin Bieber and his Beliebers and there was a war drug-cartel style, who would win?

I say Justin Bieber by a long shot. There was a time when Tom Cruise would have won that war, but that time is past.
Even with all the people in his church, Beiber has way more psycho fans and that's what it takes to win a war. Never underestimate the mind of a teenage girl.

Believe me, I wanted to choose Tom in this. I'm not a Bieber fan -- any day you listen to the mornign show you'll catch some Bieber hate from me. But there's absolutely no way Tom cruise would win that war. Absolutely no way.

Beliebers collectively have as much money as the Scientologists.

And they're an army and would be savvy about using the internet to rally the troops.

The only known force that could beat the Beliebers is maybe Oprah, and maybe China.

China is our best bet to stop a rampaging Justin Beiber warlord.