One thing you have to say for Taylor Swift, is she makes a fine video. Seriously, in the modern style of just showing booty, bling, or booze Taylor Swift has brought some theatrics and story-telling back to videos.

In her latest video she's taken us back in time as a film actress on location in Africa with hottie Scott Eastwood (yes, Clint Eastwood's son). Near the end of the video Taylor leaves the premiere of her safari adventure movie, and running down the street (watch the video, you'll understand why she's running).



For a split second you can see this....


If you look closely you can see the sign from the Arlene Schnizter Concert Hall in Portland! If you've ever been in downtown Portland, you can't miss this sign. At first I didn't think it was the sign, but on closer inspection, I think it is!


How cool! I haven't gotten confirmation, but it looks just like it! Anyway, check out the video, I think you'll enjoy it! And hey Taylor, you can come to the Northwest any time. Especially the Tri-Cities, we've got a pretty cool bridge you can use in your next video!