A former teacher and basketball coach from Hermiston is on administrative leave and replaced as a coach for sleeping with a past student on the day of her graduation. Reports say that Jake McElligott allegedly built a relationship with the woman during her senior year but refused to act on her attraction til after graduation because of his "code". the woman says she sought him out the morning of her graduation and that is when they were first intimate. She was not a minor at the time, but there was still an investigation. They continued the relationship through the summer.

When the woman was interviewed by police, they found that McElligott was sleeping with another past student who had graduated in 2014. Reports say she was also an adult at the time of the relationship, but did not return any calls by authorities for an interview.

Is it just me or is this kind of behavior, although legal, completely wrong? Do you think he is acting like a predator and should be punished, or do you think they were all adults and he should be left alone?