Valentine's Day in on the way and love is in the air! sometimes love can happen in an instant. If you haven't checked out the Missed Connections section of Craigslist, you're missing out! Here are some of the best/most unique, or just plain old sweet ones we found  today. Maybe the love of your life saw you, but you didn't even know it. Check it out!

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     winco hottie in heels - m4w - 35

    as soon as I walked in the store I noticed you pushing a cart our eyes locked for a little bit you were wearing some jeans with some little black heels for long curly hair your beautiful caramel skin I was dying to talk to you finally came down the aisle where I was back in the Oriental section when bam I had to skidaddle we have to go sorry we get to talk hope you're reading this and I've been dying to talk to you I had a long beard salt and pepper I know if you're reading this leave in touch with me hope you are I'm thinking on it I was hoping you posted in I was in the idea here's a pic of my body t_v wrekonize

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     taco truck on 4th and court st. - m4w - 29 (Pasco)

    hope you see this. We made eye contact there at the taco truck that is on 4th and court st today sunday around 3:30. You were with I want to say your two kids (boys ) and your mom. You had blue jeans and I think grey sweater. One of your kids sat on the table I was sitting on while I was waiting for my order. If you read this I would you contact me? I want to get to know you. Tell me what I was wearing besides the Seahawks hat.

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     Hawthorne School - m4w (kennewick)

    I saw you at school. You are very beautiful even though you try to hide it. I just love your smile.

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     BK jalapenos - m4w (Kennewick)

     You and I talked a couple of Saturdays ago at Burger King on Washington st. I was waiting for my food and you were getting a little bag of jalapenos to add to the food you had bought. I teased you a little and we had a nice but brief conversation. I really wanted to ask if I could join you since you were alone but lost my nerve. It seemed like you really wanted to keep talking too.
    If, by chance you read this please reply if you would like to visit. I am significantly older than you but thought you were attracted as well.

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     more than all the stars in the sky (md - m4w (richland

    Just wondering how you are and what your up t oo. I'm thinking about you. I often wonder if you ever think about me

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     Punky Brewster misses you! (My fenced yard)

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    You know who you are! I hope your doing well. I don't know exactly what I did or didn't do to cause you to go A wall but I needed to get out that I miss you ! My other half misses you too! I miss our inappropriate conversations , off the wall texts , and many other moments . I hope you know we care for you and the door is always open! I know I wasn't very nice a few weeks ago ! For that I am sorry. I did my stupid female thing and got mad got sad got glade go bipolar lol and now I'm just missing an old friend ! I hope where ever you are and where ever you go in life that nothing but good happens for you! I still have yet to find a friend as witty , sarcastic , and genuine as you....... I doubt I ever will.
    Untill then friend I'll just be working on my fence ;)
    Punky Brewster Out.