The Mile High Club is something that almost every couple has talked about, but few get the guts to actually do. For those of you that do not know what that is, it is the act of having sex in an airplane. It also helps if you are at least one mile in the air since that is where the name comes from, 'mile high'. If you are really serious in joining this small club, I read these few tips from Mens Health that can help make it a success.

1-Wait for the perfect time- Something like this can not be rushed. Hopefully you are not trying to do this on a short 3 hour flight. A 5 or 6 hour flight would be better, and wait until around the middle to make your attempt.

2-Foreplay in your seats- Personally, when I see this happening on a plane it grosses me out, but you are not doing this for me are you? Break out a blanket or even just talk flirty to each other, but get the ball rolling before you enter the bathroom.

3-Ladies need more time- On average women need more time to get worked up, so send the lady to the bathroom alone first. This might be difficult if she is not comfortable with 'herself', but if that is the case then why are you even trying this.

4-Right position- Obviously there might be turbulence when you are making your attempt, so I will make this as easy as possible so you are not confused. Both standing, but from behind. That way you both have your balance in case things get rough.

5-Time is wasting- Make sure you drop all the normal lead up, just get right down to business. Get in and then get out, I wouldn't want to try and explain why you and your mate were both in the bathroom at the same time.