Attractive people make more money, have more friends, get promotions easier and date more often. But being unattractive has its perks, too!

  • 1

    People assume your success is based on your skills

    Everyone looks at Kelly Pickler and says, "Would she be as famous if she weren't pretty?" but no one says that about Woody Allen.

  • 2

    People only laugh at your jokes if they're funny

    You get a much better sense of who your real friends are and whether or not you're funny or a good story teller.

  • 3

    Your phone battery lasts longer

    With fewer people trying to date you or hang out with you, phone batteries last a lot longer and naps go uninterrupted.

  • 4

    You get ready faster

    Without the pressure of keeping up your appearance, getting ready in the morning is much easier.

  • 5

    Not afraid of aging

    There's nothing to "lose" appearance wise, so old age just means more memories, more family members and (hopefully) more money.