It's the biggest party weekend in the Tri-Cities! Water Follies has been a tradition FOREVER, and it's a BLAST! But after a while, you may need a break from the madness. After all, thousands of tourists descend on Tri-Cities for drinking, frolic, tom-foolery, and shenanigans, which can be fun, but also overwhelming. So if you need to teak a break this weekend, here are some places to go for a chill (but still fun) time!

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    Walla Walla

    Wine taste. Eat amazing food. See historic sites. Walk college campuses. Take your time and enjoy this sweet Northwest town.

    Photo by Raleigh
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    Hit up the casino! They even have stuff for kids to do! Or go outside and have an "old West" style adventure. They have some awesome food and plenty to see here too!

    Andrew Kirk
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    The drive up is fun itself. Then when you get to Wenatchee, you'll have plenty to do. I'm going to let this link speak for itself! Have fun!

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    Coeur D'Alene

    If you have a boat, hitch it up to the truck and head to Lake Coeur d'Alene. Trust me! If you don't have a boat, don't even worry about it. The city has a great resort to check out, a quaint downtown with great shops and restaurants, and it's GORGEOUS up there. Plus it's usually cooler than the Tri-Cities, so that will be nice too! (The photo is an example of a fabulous selfie you can take when on a boat in Lake Coeur d-Alene)

    Photo by Raleigh
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    Portland or Seattle

    If you're truly adventurous take a day trip to Portland or Seattle (or stay the night). Art, food, museums, music venues, the bigger cities are filled with endless ways to spend your time. If you go to Portland, hit the Oregon Brewers Fest going on in Waterfront Park. If you hit Seattle, spend the money to go in the Space Needle if you haven't before. It will be one of the few times you can photos of Seattle when it's actually sunny! And get tacos from Agua Verde in the U-District. Trust me (see photo)!

    Photo by Raleigh