Every day, four times a day, we give you a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico! If you've never been, here's some interesting trivia to read while you wait for the next call-in time!

1. It's at the very, very, very southern tip of the Baja peninsula in Mexico.

2. It means Cape of St. Luke

3. It hosts the highest-paying marlin tournament in the world.

4. Whales birth their young near Cabo before swimming to Siberia.

5. The cape has been continuously inhabited for 10,000 years!

6. Americans founded Cabo San Lucas to start a fishing company.

7. It's one of the five most popular Mexican tourism destinations!

8. The city is about the same size as Kennewick

9. The late Steve Jobs' yacht is in Cabo San Lucas this week.

10. Tiger Woods designed a golf course in Caboface that's scheduled to open this fall!