Lady Leah has never mowed a lawn with a push mower. She's done a riding mower, but never the old-school way. Just to give her the experience -- for her own benefit -- I was thinking she should come mow my lawn. And why not make a video for the website about Lady Leah learning a new skill?! So that got me thinking, if I made a video of her pushing a mower, she should probably be in a bikini. Now she's insisting you'd rather see ME pushing a mower in a bikini. So let's vote.

IF we did a contest where a random listener gets to have one of us mow their lawn in a bikini, which one of us would you prefer.

To me it's a no brainer. Leah gets more likes on her Facebook posts, more shares on her selfies. She's more popular than me because she's hot. I'm not that easy on the eyes. So of course you'd rather have her mow your lawn in a bikini.

But she doesn't think so. She thinks people want to see me in a bikini.

So without promising we're going to do this, give us an idea of your interest level.