This is what happens when musicians happen to have their instruments in their cars...My Friend/Co Worker 'Raleigh' from our sister station Hot 97.5,  loves music like I do!  Today we both had our instruments in our car! So we started goofin' off a bit at work and decided we'd attempt a quick try at a song we both know a little! didn't turn out too good, cause we only tried it once before we recorded it and seriously both of us are supposed to be working...but we couldn't resist!

So, our plan is to practice it a little and then do it again sometime when we are ready and see if we can get it a bit better! Notice how nicely Raleigh is holding her Ukelele (but did actually play it? Teehee!  I couldn't remember the chords (or the words very well!) So, I can't talk.

It was FUN! So, stay tuned for a better version in the future! Okay...back to WORK!