Most Presidential election years are stressful, but I feel comfortable saying that this year has been even more so. The country seemed to be at each others' throats for so long, and now that the election is over, there is still a lot of doubt, unrest , fear, and pain old stress! (Just check your Facebook feed.) In order to relieve some stress and for ALL to come together in support of each other, the Facebook group Create the Community has planned the Love Not Hate vigil tonight in John Dam Plaza.

The vigil starts at 6 pm and goes until 8. There will be readings and speakers and it's basically just for all to come show support for each other, regardless of who we voted for. In the group, they are discouraging political debate or unrest, and are urging people to come in spite of political differences. Vigils like this are being organized all over the country, so why not Tri-Cities? Be there tonight to see what it's all about.