It's hot. And it's only going to get hotter! If you think it's hot outside, try hanging out in your car while it's off! Talk about a sauna! While some of these may seem like obvious things to not leave in your car every year, without fail, a LOT of people leave precious things in the car (some of which are more important than others). So this is a friendly reminder of things you DON'T want to leave in your car EVER! Even with the windows down, temps in your car can reach over 130 degrees, so check out the list and make sure you look around and grab these things out of your vehicle before you lock it up! Happy summer!

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    This may seem like a no-brainer, but every year HUNDREDS of kids get left in cars, and may suffer dehydration, burns, and even death. Please, please, please don't leave your kids in the car, even for a few minutes with the windows cracked. It's just too hot and not worth the risk!

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    Just like kids, pets can suffer dehydration, burns from hot interior surfaces, and death. Fluffy may not be able to go in to the store with you, but even if you leave your fur baby in the car for a few minutes they can get really hurt. Plan your errands and trips with the idea in mind on whether your pet can go with you or not. You and they will be very happy you did!

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    Dairy Products

    Milk, yogurt, ice cream and cheese are awesome! But they spoil quickly and if nothing else they will leave a really gross smell in your car if left too long. You can probably leave them for 10-15 mins but any longer than that you're getting into a hot, smelly, and wasteful mess. So get them groceries in the house as soon as you can!

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    Ladies, we've all done it. You leave the purse your your makeup bag in the car, and when you go to open your fave lipstick it's gone from a cute solid, to a blobby liquid mess. If you have that extra makeup bag in the car, it's probably a good idea to get it out if nothing more than to save on the mess and the money spent. Makeup ain't cheap, am I right!?

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    You needed a Snickers. That Hershey's bar called your name. I get it, but how may times have you forgotten chocolate in the car and come back to one of the worst messes ever! Even worse is when of of the kids has chocolate, sets it down, and forgets.... Yup, if you've been there before you know how awesome that disaster is. So, not a life or death situation, but if you value your car's interior or the jeans you're probably going to destroy when you sit in the melted ooze, try to grab all chocolate and other melt-friendly snacks out of the car before you leave. You'll thank me for this one!

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