More and more great restaurants are popping up all over the Tri-Cities. It's hard to keep track of the best places go to. Well 'That Place' Eatery and Pub isn't new new, but it's newer and pretty undiscovered. We got the chance to check them out, and let me tell you, THEY ROCK! Burgers, sandwiches, tacos, fries, desserts, and TONS of beers on tap! They have a great atmosphere and tons of screens to watch the Niners, oh I mean, Seahawks on Sundays! Take a gander at the video and make sure you get in on the Deal of the Week! $25 certificate for just $12.50 starting Friday, Oct. 16th at 8 am! My suggestion, buy early, and make sure to try the truffle fries. They're LEGIT!