Thanksgiving is on the way and as many people are making big family plans, a lot of singles are finding themselves on their own. Here are some great ideas for how to spend Turkey Day if you're not going to a big family bash. 

Single? Not close with family? Too far away to get home? New city? There a lot of reasons to be on your own for Thanksgiving. But don't worry, you're not alone! There are some great ways to spend one of the biggest American holidays, even if you don't have a family event to attend. Here's a list of some cool ways to pass your turkey day.

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    So what if you're single! A lot of your friends and co-workers pprobably are too. So why not have a Friendsgiving? Host a party where all those other lost souls make a dish and head over to your place to share the holiday fun. Or, if you're not up for hosting at your place find so done who is and plan the day. All the other Thanksgiving orphans will be thankful they have a place to go!

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    House Hopping

    If you're single or new to town, chances are your co-corkers or friends are aware and have invited you to their house for the holiday. Take advantage of the invites and pop from place to place exchanging your stories of single-life adventures for stuffing and pie. You'll be a welcome guest, and you're pretty much assured to leave with some delicious left-overs! Just remember to bring a gift for your hosts, and brush up on your story-telling skills!
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    Netflix Binge

    Not feeling social? Stay home and catch up on all that good bad TV you've been missing! Grab provisions the day before, then curl up with a beverage, snack, and your remote. Take time for yourself and spend the day with those shows you've been wanting to catch up on, or have a classic movie marathon. The day is yours!

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    What better way is there to spend a holiday like Thanksgiving than by giving back to others!? If you have an open heart, there are plenty of places to volunteer to help those less fortunate. Many places have opportunities on and before the holiday. Check out the links below to find out where to help in the Tri-Cities.

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    Get Out Of Town

    Travel can be crazy this time of year, but a mini vacation could be just what you need to by-pass the holiday madness. A road trip to Canada or last minute flight o Mexico could be just what the doctor ordered. Not down with traveling on your own? There are travel sites that plan vacations just for singles! Check out the links below. Bon voyage!