Taylor Swift has made it her mission to give back. The pop star who makes millions every year gives to several different charities in her hometown and is always looking for ways to help across the country. Her latest gift is going to Seattle!

This Thursday, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra got a surprise gift of $50,000 from Miss Swift. She stated it was from one Grammy winner to another.

In a letter to music director Ludovic Morlot, Swift said she was inspired to donate by a recording of John Luther Adams’ Grammy-winning “Become Ocean,” which the Symphony commissioned, premiered at Benaroya Hall in 2013 and then performed at Carnegie Hall the following year as part of the Spring for Music Festival. The composition, Swift wrote, reminded her of going to her local symphony with her grandmother. -Seattle Times

The funds will go towards two programs: Link Up, a music-education program for elementary-school students grades 3-5 and its musicians’ pension fund. Taylor is helping music education around the nation, and now the Northwest! Thanks, Taylor! And check out the song that inspired her...