Let's just say that I am a little bit of a Survivor fan. I have watched every episode at least twice and can usually pick the winner by the mid point of the season. The newest season of Survivor starts in a couple weeks and after 28 seasons is it worth watching? Over all, it should be good although there are some things that I am definitely not happy about as a long time fan.

They are repeating two different past show themes by bringing back Redemption Island and Blood vs Water. Combining them will make it more interesting, but I was never a fan of Redemption Island. I hated the fact that a person gets voted out of the game but still has a chance to get back in. It does not look like they are bringing back any old players which is a good thing, but it also shows they are gearing up for another All Star season in the future.

The cast is very diverse and I already have a few players you should watch. Val Collins is a police officer and when I watched her intro video, I thought she had the right temperament to go far in this game. Her skills as a police officer will come in handy and the last person to win survivor was a police officer. Think about that a second.

I also like Dale Wentworth who happens to be from Ephrata just north of the Tri Cities. He is by far the oldest person in this season, but he runs and works on a farm for a living. He is used to hard work and is mentally strong. He is the type of player that you would underestimate, but he is very loyal and honest also which will take him far. His downfall could be not being able to lie, which you have to do at some point.