Americans love food! And a bunch of us like really really GOOD food! For those of use foodies we'll scour the country looking for the best places to eat. Yelp just published their '100 Best Places to Eat in The US' list and thankfully a few of them are right here in the Northwest! They based their findings on places were the all-time most popular and well reviewed on Yelp.


Businesses from across the country were compared using a ranking that looks at both the ratings and the number of reviews while accounting for quality, popularity, and statistical fluctuations. To localize the list, only reviews written by users whose profiles list their home location as within the reviewed businesses’ country were factored into the ranking. -YELP.COM

Though California was the clear winner with the most places ranked, we didn't have too poor a showing in the NW. You may have actually been to the 5 places that made the list. Check them out below, and if you haven't gone, now you know where to eat the next time you're in Seattle and Portland! Bon Apetit!

94. Cafe Besalu - Seattle

93.  Waffle Window - Portland

81. Pike Place Chowder - Seattle

33. Screen Door - Portland

3. Paseo - Seattle