I was at the Broncos and Seahawks game yesterday and witnessed the unveiling of the new look for Blitz in person. Let's just say it went over like a turd in a punch bowl, let me explain.

It was halftime and everything was good. We had the lead and most fans were not even paying attention to the halftime show on the field, but then a fan next to me yelled out..WTF IS THAT? Our whole section looks up and Blitz has a totally new look, and a new sidekick called 'Boom'. Almost all the fans around me hated the new Blitz, and where even blaming the safety on him after it happened! (We can be superstitions about stuff like that.)

Honestly now that I have had some time to let it sink in, it is not as bad as most people are saying. My wife thinks he looks like a penguin, and most of the internet seems to agree with her. On the Seahawks Facebook post last night, most of the comments mentioned a penguin and their hate for the new Blitz.

I know that there is a new guy in the suit and that had to be part of the reason for the change. Speaking for a lot of fans that I know, it would have been nice to say good bye to the old Blitz. If the 12's knew when the old Blitz stepped in that machine it would be the last time we would see him, we would have lost our mind cheering saying goodbye!

you can check out the whole video with the new Blitz here!