The buzz cut, the flat top, the mullett, the faux-hawk: men's hair trends have come and gone throughout the years, and the latest trend is the man bun.

(Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for NBCUniversal)

You've seen the man bun, a pile of long hair set atop a guy's head. Usually a trend of the hipster, the man bun has also been rocked on many the celebrity. As many men's hair fashions have come and gone, there have also been reactions by society- for better or for worse.(There was a time when no one would hire long-haired hippy-types.)

A Seattle man got on Reddit to post about not getting a job due to his man bun. He applied to work for a Brown Bear Car Wash and was denied due to his long locks. The post was pretty calm, but the responses got quite heated. Especially since he used the word "discrimination." Some people pointed out that it could be a safety issue, but one commenter brought up the question of whether they'd not hire a woman with long hair for the same reason?

What do you think: was the employer right to not hire the guy, or do they need to update their standards to account for more modern hair styles?  (After you take the poll, check out the kind of the man bun, Brock O'Hurn. Hot damn!)