Japan has brought us many fine things: cars, sushi, karaoke, and pretty much every electronic item in the 80s. And now finally another trend we can get behind: cat cafes! Now don't worry, you're not eating cats, you're hanging out with them while you drink a beverage, or enjoy a scone!

The first cat cafe called the Seattle Meowtropolitan (yes, that's the name), will be opening soon, and they're hiring! They need a feline guardian (cat lounge attendant), coffee alchemist (barista), and a "big cat" (assistant store manager). So, if you love your feline friends, ditch your day job and head to Seattle!

If you're just looking to hang with the kitties and enjoy a warm beverage, that's what the cafe is all about. The cats are from local shelters and if you fall in love with a kitty, you can apply to adopt it! It's truly a cat lady's dream come true!!